Monday, March 24, 2014

Daiwa Tatula - Are you an Type-R personality?

As you know I got my hands on an early release of the Daiwa Tatula last season and was completely blown away by it's performance (not to mention it's price). So in preparation of the 2014 season I placed an order adding a few more Tatulas to my arsenal, this time including the Typer-R.

If your not currently using Daiwa reels (shame on you) you may not be fully aware of what a"Type-R" reel is and even more importantly why you should own one. Short and sweet "Type-R" is a designation Daiwa gives a reel that they have made improvements to, or tuned up in order to give anglers an even higher performing reel. These changes can often come in the reels overall weight, speed offerings and at times colour changes. The Diawa Tatula Type R features all of these changes and has turned this bad ass reel into a super bad ass reel.

More speed?.. check

The Tatula Type-R is available in two speeds, a standard 6.3 and the blazing fast 8.1. The later of the two is only available in he Type-R and is one of the reasons I made the jump to. I spend a lot of my time  frog fishing and I found that there was a whole in my reel line-up that could only be filled by an 8.1 speed reel. The Tatula Type-R will not only allow me to quickly pick up line when hooking a fish in heavy cover, but it will also allow me to quickly burn back baits that have fouled out, making sure I'm able to keep my frogs in the water longer

Lighter weight?.. check

The Tatula Type-R dropped some of it's winter weigh coming in at nice 7.6oz vs. the 7.9oz  standard Tatula. This may not seem like much, but the majority of the weigh loss comes from a lighter spool. This mean that the Type -R will not only put less strain on your body but it will also allow you through lighter baits.. you know for those of you finesse guys.

Pimped out?… Check

I don't think I really even need to type anything here, all that needs to be said can be seen from the picture at the top of this article. The Type-R comes dressed in black with a slick  metallic red spool and tensioner knob. I'll be honest I loved the look of the original Tatula but these highlights make it pop and really class it up (insert whistle sound here)

These 3 updates help improve an already highly impressive reel. Dawia has really stepped up to the plate with the Tattle, building on and improving their T-Wing technology and Air rotation retrieve. To check out my test drive of the standard Tatula reel click HERE

bring on Bass season

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