Monday, December 16, 2013

5 Things that should be on every anglers Christmas list for 2013

My wife says I'm hard to buy for, its not that she doesn't know what I like, its that I like most anglers am very particular about the gear i use, and often she can't just walk into a store an pick stuff up off the shelf.. so if you are buying for a fisherman this holiday season, or your an angler treating yourself, here is 5 gift ideas that will ensure your ready for the 2014 Bass Season

1) Daiwa Tatula Reel

It has been awhile since I have been this excited about a reel, or should say that its been a while since I have been this excited about a reel that actually lived up to the hype.. The Daiwa Tatula is strong, durable and incredibly easy to cast. It was designed to hold up to the pressures put on a reel by Tournaments anglers, but was priced for weekend warrior who wants and deserved the same quality.. without breaking the bank

2) Dobyns DX746C

Frog fisherman listen up, the DX746c is a beast of a rod  just recenlty added to the already extensive line-up offered by Dobyns Rods. This rod may just  replace my first love (the 736c) as the best available option for hollow body frog fishing.. period.. Merry Christmas to me

The DX746 is not the only new addition to the Dobyns family of rods, so check out their website and see what rod best fits your style..


3)  JL Marine Micro Power Pole

If you have a small boat or kayak angler on your "to buy for" list this Christmas then then  JL Marine Micro Power Pole would be the prefect gift to have them screaming "BEST CHRISTMAS EVER". This electronic anchor took home the overall Best in show award at ICAST2013 and helps makes us weekend warriors fish like the pro's

Small boats and kayaks battle weather  conditions even more so then their big brothers, they can be notoriously hard to keep on target or in place in even moderate winds, thus taking you out of the strike zone more often then youd like. The other issue they have is storage room, why take up valuable storage space by storing an old style throwing anchor or the trip hazard that are long pole style anchors. JL Marine's micro power pole is small, automatic and always ready for battle.. check out the below link to learn more


4) River2Sea "Spittin Wa"

Out of all the Frog baits I got to see up close and personal in 2013 none lived up to the hype as much as the River2Sea Spittin Wa, the team at R2S has really outdone themselves with this bait, and I have a feeling after putting it through its paces next year it may come home with a Top Frog award

If you or the angler in your family like popping frogs, the Spittin Wa will make a great stocking stuffer


5) BlackWater/Toray Line Assortment

After years of buying Christmas gifts for the golfing contingency in my family, I learned you can never have enough golf balls, the same can be said for fishing line when it comes to anglers.. Toray fishing line offers a pretty extensive line up of lines (ok that sounds weird). They cover everything from power fishing to finesse fishing and of course braid. When buying for any angler you cant go wrong with Toray SuperHard Upgrade, it is a great flipping or cranking line. If you prefer braid check out Toray's finesse braid, a smooth casting round braid that is much stronger then then it's namesake

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