Thursday, November 7, 2013

Site News: Team Split BassJunkies is now BassJunky

Sorry it has been a bit quiet around here lately, it is the usual calm before the storm that leads up to switch over from bass fishing season to ice fishing season. But there is one change that took place that I though was worth mentioning...

After 3+ years of tournament fishing (and a 7 year friendship), Dustin and I have decided to sever our fishing partnership. Like any marriage it got to the point were our differences on and off the water made it no fun to fish together, and if fishing is no fun, you know something is wrong. I wish Dustin all the best in his future endeavours and also warn any future partner that he man eats nothing but boiled eggs and protein bars while in the boat, so nose plugs are a must.

Please Note: As part of our split Dustin has also decided to part ways with Dobyns Rods, he will be fulling joining Team Ardent for 2014

This change means very little to the BassJunkies website as a whole (other then it being now grammatically incorrect), The only contributions Dustin made to the site were the very sporadic "Dustins Corner" articles 5 in total  which can be found HERE

As for me, I'm currently weighing my options for 2014, I have some great ideas lined-up that will not only  keep me on the water, but also keep me learning and more importantly having fun.. Stay tuned

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