Monday, June 12, 2017

Strike King Rage Twin Tail Menace Grub - Swims like Phelps, Punches like Tyson

I don't know about you, but I don't throw an awful lot of grub baits, and thus I think the Menace Grub flew under my radar for a few seasons before I truly realized it's potential.

Pun fully intended, the Menace grub offers anglers a 1-2-3 Punch perfect for Jig Fishing,  swim-jig fishing and of course punching. It's twin tail action offers a fast, subtle but noticeable flap and will make even the drowsiest fish take notice

lets break this bait down...

Jig Fishing

Unlike standard grubs that you often find slipped in behind a ball-head jig, the Menace performs better on a classic football jig and or a swim jig.

When paired with a football jig the Menace offers an incredible fall  and its thin profile is a big help when flipping timber or target specific areas in which there is little room for error. Once on the bottom it's twin tails will stand tall on the pause and offer a nice soft waver almost saying "come here" to any fish paying attention. Like with any football jig application you need to work the rage tail with long slow drags and the occasional quick hop when you bump into any substantial structure.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time of if you follow my tackle junkie addiction on instagram, then you know for the most part when jig fishing I'm throwing black/blue jigs, and keep it simple with my trailers.. black/blue and of course variations on pumpkin... yes, you can fish a black jig with a pumpkin trailer, there are no rules against it, and you just might surprise yourself

Swim Jig Fishing

The Menace grub steps up its game when fished on a swim jig, the tails have a brilliant kicking motion that could give Michael Phelps a run for his money. Perfect for fishing around docks or just in times when you need to cover a lot of water, the menace grub/swim jig combo is a great replacement for a spinnerbait in those times you really want the ability to slow things down and even hop or pound the bottom.

I'd really recommend experimenting with speed, the goal is to find where the fish are in the water column and fish as slow or as fast as you need to in order to keep your jig there.. lets be honest we've all seen the KVD Strike King commercial where he fishes a white menace grub behind a Sexy Shad Swim jig, if that didn't sell you on it's ability, I'm not sure anything I can say will!

Pitching and Punching

I spend a good deal of my time on the water with a flipping stick in my hand punching mats and pads, so when it comes to baits that Ill let get a peak under my skirt I'm kinda picky.

Depending on the situation and cover thickness I'm often left choosing between wider profile baits and skinnier or slender baits. The Menace grub falls into this second category and it mostly sees use in the heaviest, sloppiest cover when I'm in  need of a bait that can slip on in (no lube required) and hit the bottom without me having to work hard it. As mentioned above the Menace Grub excels on the fall giving off a short tight kicking motion that is easily seen and rarely the victim of the dreaded short strike. We all know that those longer leg baits often fall victim to fish with poor aim.

As the cover thickens I may also loose the skirt and fish this bait naked, again the goal here is to punch through the cover with little to no drag hoping to surprise the fish (a little bit).

Weigh size isn't an issue here, just find the best weight for the job, again experimenting with the rate of fall the fish like the best on any given day.

There you have it, the low down on Strike Kings Twin Tail Menace Grub.. this ain't your Granddads grub bait


Tackle Warehouse ($5.29)

Land Big Fish ($5.29)

Bass Pro Shop ($5.99)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Teckel Sprinkler Frog - Test Drive (pre-release)

I was honoured and privileged to get my hands on a pre-release version of Teckel's all new Sprinkler frog, a bait that may just prove to bring your frog fishing in 2017 to a whole new level!

You know those times when you hit the lake and the conditions are just perfect for top water, but you're just not sure if you should throw a frog, a buzz bait or maybe even a whopper plopper? That's the exact time you should pick up a Sprinkler frog, here's why:

Off the Shelf

Being that this frog is not yet available I cant really tell you what its shelf presence was like. I can tell you that videos speak louder then images.. meaning that watching this frog in action sold me quicker then any other frog I've purchased. (and you know Ive got a tackle junkie in me)

I  use Teckel baits on a fairly regular basis, so I knew what to expect quality and material wise. The body and hooks are top notch and the sprinkler foot is also more robust then I expected. I'm fearing a pike attack, but other then that this frog should hold up well.

My main concern here is the ability to replace the foot when it becomes damaged or completely ripped off the bait. Sure I could Frankenstein something up, but once you see this frog swim you are going to want to keep the same action with a replacement foot. At this time I cant confirm or deny if Teckel will be offering replacement feet. (please do!)

Teckel has always offered a wide selection of colour options for each of their frogs, I would expect the Sprinkler to be no different. You can see some of the colour options on their Facebook page (HERE) where they have been sneak peeking the frog since late 2016. The Video at the end of this article also shows off the 8 color choices that should be available at launch.

On The Water

It been awhile since I was as impressed with a frogs on the water performance as I was with the Sprinkler frog. From the very first cast I saw incredible potential in this bait and it has officially made it into my #1 Frog box for the 2017 season.

As an angler that loves to frog fish but is not a huge fan of popper frogs, I'm always looking for that perfect crossover bait that can bring the noise in calm and windy situations alike. The Sprinkler Frog is that bait. If you love the noise and the look of a whopper plopper coming your way, this is frog is for you!

It's important to me that you can work a frog at various speeds and that it still performs, the Sprinkler frog runs straight and true, when run at high speeds it  kicks up a rooster tail like the ones you see at tournament blast off and at slower speeds you get that sweet, sweet gurgle of the perfect buzz bait.

Unlike a traditional buzz bait or the Whopper Plopper the Sprinkler frog can be fished in pretty much any situation, meaning it be climbed over structure, and that it glides over pads, and any loose debris in the water that would consistently foul up a treble hooks ruining your retrieve. Unlike other Buzz-Frogs the use of a kicker foot in place of a blade ensures it fishes like a frog in the areas you actually want to throw a frog.

Although I stressed it above, I will do so again, anytime you add a soft plastic appendage to a bait there is the chance (a good one) that the soft plastic will get ripped up, or ripped off. At this time I don't know if Teckel plans to offer replacement Sprinkler feet, and if they don't this could be a short lived frog.

The Sprinkler frog pairs well with a Dobyns Sierra Series 735 which provides enough tip to make accurate casts all while still having the backbone needed to haul fish out of the nastiest of cover. As always I paired it with a Daiwa Tatula, this time a CT model.

At first glance you way want to write this frog off as gimmicky or a novelty item. Do you self a favor and don't let your first impressions fool you, this frog is legit,

Check out BassJunkies Frog Pond for a full review HERE

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Confessions of a Tackle Junkie - Volume 1

Fisherman's Log - May 2017 - Tackle Warehouse order #... um, whom am I kidding I lost count years ago.

If you consider yourself a tackle junkie then you have probably already mastered the art of "the on-line tackle order", but for those who haven't, see below for some tricks and tips on who to get the most out of each and every your you place.  My purchases are primarily made up of a mix of products that include "new toys", "personal favorites ", "impulse buys" and of course the most boring, but often most needed.. Terminal Tackle

Have a peek that my most recent tackle overdose

Throwing a curve ball at you here, you've been following along at home then you know I don't often fish Strike King products, though I'm not sure I can tell you why. Strike King boasts an impressive Pro Staff with some of the industries biggest names and each and every year they product new products that are priced for guys like me (the average Joe). But if I was to rummage through my tackle room I don't think you'd find many product baring the Strike King logo.. but that's about to change. On this order I added 3 Strike King baits to my cart

 Strike King - Super Toad 

This is an obvious one, as I needed to get my hands on this frog in order to do a Frog Pond review of it at some point this season. With that said I kinda excited about this frog and I made sure I added at least 2 packs to my order. The Green Pumpkin with Chartreuse belly as well as the White belly both made the final cut on this order.

Strike King - Hack Attack Jig

The victim of good marketing here, I was watching the 2017 Strike King promotional video about the Super Toad and of course Greg Hackney was the angler showcasing it. At the end of the video a new video queued up (damn you YouTube!) and it was Greg showing off his Hack Attack jig.. Well I have a think for jigs, though I rarely throw them, so my impulse buy ticklers kicked in and I added a 1/2 and a 3/4oz version of the Hack Attack to my shopping cart... I'm now at 4 jig boxes and need to start actually throwing some.

Often a new bait will catch my eye and trigger what will eventually will become a tackle order. The V&M Flat Wild is that such bait. I noticed it in the "new" section of Tackle Warehouses website and it started what became the order you see here. 

My current bait of choice for flipping timber is the Zoom Z-Hog, it has a nice chunky body with two sets of legs, one fast and the other slow. These characteristics can be found on the Flat Wild and its the reason this bait caught my attention. I'm not ready to put away the Z-Hog yet, but  believe me the Flat Wild will definitely spend some time knocking wood this season. 

A large part of buying new baits is the trust factor, and Gambler Lures won my trust years ago which means I often purchase their new baits each season, no questions asked.

Like with the Flat Wild, my purchase of the Stinger was in part due to its familiarity to a bait I also already own.. The Missile D-Bomb. With its water moving ridged body and large flapping craws this bait will get a good look under my flipping skirt early and hopefully often this season.

Call this one a "new toy" as well as an "impulse buy". The Doomsday Tackle Fat Man caught my attention due to its unusual look and the fact that it didn't remind me of any other baits I currently have in my arsenal. The tale of this bait is thick and heavy, and I really hope it swims.  

I'm looking forward to slipping a skirt on this bait and sliding it over some pads. The commotion this bait should cause will make even the most pressured fish take notice. 

I've been in a monogamous relationship with War Eagle Spinner baits for the past few seasons, but this year I decided it was time to play the field again and I'm in search of a few new options, enter: The Gary Yamamoto Lite Wire Spinner Bait.

I'll be honest the words "Lite-Wire" don't usually do it for me, because what Gary is telling me is that I'm going to spend a lot of time bending that wire back into shape after each fish I catch.. so why did I buy it? well I as looking and could new blade baits and with the different head design and large blades it was different enough from what I currently fish that I was willing to give it shot. Next up I need a few more Colorado blades in my arsenal. 

Another fairly long term relationship I have is with Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper. Im almost embarrased to say it as Im not a huge fan of the company, their marketing or most of their products.. but the Skinny Dipper is my go-to soft plastic swim bait.

Looking to replace the Skinny Dipper the ShadTeez from Westin offers an incredible life like finish in an impressive selection of sizes. The main issue here is pricing, the ShadTeez in this (4.75") size only comes 2 to a pack and retails for about $4.99USD. Thats about what I pay for a pack of seven skinny dippers.. lets hope this last a few fish.

VMC  - Ike Approved

I'm not as loyal to a hook company as I probably should be. My hook box is a mix match of brands, styles and sizes. Each year I do my best to test out the new options on the market in hopes of settling down with someone nice.

This season the Ike Approved selection from VMX caught my attention. I'm a braid user (80-90% of the time) and the resin sealed eye on these hooks were there biggest selling feature. On this order I picked up a few packs including the X-Long which I use on larger worm and soft swim baits as well as the Heavy Duty EWG for some of my new flipping baits.

When it comes to terminal tackle quality is #1 but pricing is a close second. VMC really caters to us weekend warriors and both my wallet and I appreciate that.

Gamakatsu - Worm Hook (wire guard)

As mentioned above Im not a loyal hook company guy, but Gamakatsu holds a worm.. sorry warm place in my heart and probably takes up the largest portion of my hook box. Its the hook I learned to fish on, its readily available and I trust it's quality.

This style hook on the other hand is not really common for me, but I plan to spend some time on the Neko rig this season and those damn YouTube videos tell me this is the hook style to use, lol. So Ive picked up some nails, grabbed my wacky rig o-rings and now I have the hook.. lets see if this technique lives up to the hype.

Well there you have it, a high level look at my most recent tackle order. If you didn't noticed this order is flipping heavy, and there is a pretty simple reason behind that, and its that I spend a huge amount of time flipping, so I load up on baits whenever I can. There is nothing worse then running out of your favorite bait mid season, so if you re a Tackle Junkie like me.. stock up now!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

5 Canadian Fishing Companies Making Waves South of the Border

Way too often Canadian anglers look south when spending their hard earned money on fishing equipment and supplies, but as the gear prices climb due to a weak Canadian dollar we are getting to a point in which some hard choices need to be made. 

The below Canadian companies are making this choice much easier, with high quality offerings that are not only turning heads in Canada, but south of the border as well... there are some pastt and maybe future ICast winners in this bunch.

Anglers Choice

Anglers Choice is a soft plastic bait company out of Western Ontario known for their killer assortment of hand made baits. With 9 (soon to be 10) baits options Anglers Choice is building up a nice little arsenal for both Large mouth and Small mouth fisherman.

A personal favourite of mine is their take on the senko called the Wart Hawg, available in 4,5,6 and 7" sizes bait really can be fished in any situation. Its soft plastic body holds up well and is perfect for wacky worm fishing , its slow fall almost shivers in the water. 

 If you're more of a smallmouth angler then check out the KillShot  drop shot bait. Its flat bottom and ribbed top are a thing of beauty and make all condom companies jealous. These baits are deadly on large smallmouth fisheries like Lake Ontario and Erie. 

If you would like to learn more about Anglers Choice drop by your local Canadian Tire store or check out one of these on-line retailers:

You can also give their Facebook page a like HERE


With only a few years under their belt Kamooki is still an industry young gun. This Edmonton based start-up took the ice fishing industry by storm back in 2013 with the release of it's smart fish. A lead free bait powered by a zinc base that has an incredible fall and even better pause. The ultimate on ice weapon the smart fish attracks pike, walleye and all varieties of panfish and has quickly become a staple on many of Canada's major ice fishing lakes. 

This year saw the release of the Kamooki Smart Craw, a smallmouth slayer with a wide lazy wobble and an irresistible click as its zinc base knocks up and down against the rocks. Just like the Smart Fish the Smart Craw shineswhile on the pause, its body design allowing it to move with the current all while sitting in the same spot and imitating a crawfishes natural stance. 

If you haven't heard of these guys yet, It won't be long. They have already found their way to ICast, as well as the pages of In-Fisherman Magazine, BASS Magazine and the all too important TackleTour review.  Be sure to check out their Facebook Page HERE as well as Instagram Page HERE

The Perfect Jig

You have to go all the way back to 2013 to view the last article I wrote listing the Canadian companies that I though deserved more attention from fisherman. Even back then the Perfect Jig was on the list and  4 years later not much has changed other than the growing number of fisherman now throwing "the perfect jig".

From the Arky to the Elite series you will be hard pressed to find a a more versatile selection of bass catching jigs. if you're like me and spend most of your time working heavy grass, check out the MILF  Master jig, specifically designed for use in milfoil and grass.

Over the years Perfect Jig founder Brendan Knaggs has also begun to branch out offering a selection of soft plastics and terminal tackle go go along with his custom designed jigs. You never whats next with these guys, so be sure to follow them on FaceBook and Instagram  to stay ahead of the game.


"A Northern Original" there are not many Canadian based companies that have made as big a splash in the industry as the team at RahFish. This Ontario based start-up hit the ground running with an impressive series of articles and reviews and as their popularity grew (and believe me it grew) they started to get requests for RAHFISH apparel. Flash forward to 2017 and RAHFISH is has become a highly recognizable brand bringing fishing fashion to a whole new level.

I mean come-on what angler doesn't love his collection of T's and hoodies! Check out their full line up, and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram 


Who would have thought that protecting your gear would be come a full time gig.. The Owner of The Rod Glove and all around good guy Jim VanRyn knew that he had something special when back in 2010  he launched The Rod Glove.

Since that time he has expanded his Rod Glove line-up to include Reel Gloves, and the very popular Rod Glove Wrapz, that in my humble opinion are the best rod wraps on the market today. You dont have to take my word for it, Jim and the Rod Glove boast and impressive pro-staff including Gerald G-Man Swindle, Brent Ehler, Randy Howell and my buddy Paul Mueller. 

Do yourself and your gear a favour, protect your investment with the Rod Glove. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for more details.

So their you have it, 5 Canadian fishing companies that do it just as good or better then anyone else, and the're right here in your back yard. So let your money go a bit further this season and support some home grown talent. If you do, maybe next time this I update this list it will include 10 new Canadian companies. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Whats in the Box? My 2017 Frog Box

From time to time I get asked the the question made famous by Brad Pitt in the movie Seven.. "What's in the Box!" so before we officially kick off the 2017 review year, I though I would give you a peak into my standard everyday frog box, and maybe, just maybe a little insight into why each frog made the cut.

Gene Larew 3-Legged Toad

The the 3-Legged toad is the only soft plastic toad to make the final frog box cut. Its the ultimate "all situations" frog  that offers up a soft churn perfect for early morning and the evening bite. 

The body of the frog is made of a nearly marshmallow like foam that floats, and hold up fairly well fish after fish. The third leg works to add to the frogs wake, but also prolongs the frogs life, as even when the bait looses that one inevitable limb, it still has two more to fish with.

This is one of the first frogs I reviewed on the Frog Pond back in 2012 and it is still in my box today.

When to Use: Medium to Sparse cover when trying to cover water quickly. Great to bounce over cover and fish around submerged timber.

Tackle USA - Choker

The Gene Larew 3-Legged Toad may be the longest standing member of my Frog Box, but on the other end of the spectrum the Tackle USA Choker is one of if not thee newest!

The Choker saw some serious time on the water last season and even went a 3 week period as the only frog I tied on. The Choker offers up the classic profile made famous by the Reaction Innovation Swamp Donkey with one major improvement.. flashing for legs. This common fly tying material works incredibly well on the back of a frog, they fan out easily and offer up some crazy flash and shine as they spread out on the pause.

The body of the frog is soft yet durable and it moves well on or around pads and other structure. This is my everyday frog and is a good bet to the my opening day starter.

When to Use: This is an all around frog that can be used in heavy cover to open water. I vary the retrieve to help identify what the fish are looking for on any given day. 

SnagProof - GuntersVille Frog

Sometimes less is more, and when I'm reaching for a frog to crash the pads, the Guntersville frog from Snag Proof is at the top of the list. This compact yet beefy frog has rattles for legs and was built to "sit"more then it was built to "swim". So if you are planing to fish medium to sparse cover this may not be the frog to you, but, when fishing a thick mess of pads or slop this frog will call the fish in and make sure it  gets noticed and more importantly EATEN!.

Best fished slowly with slight pulls or an intermittent retrieve the Guntersville frog fills a void that not many other frogs can. The only real downfall to this bait is that its easy to loose a rattle. Even more so if you are prone to bouncing it over the various structures you can run into in shallow pad filled water... This reminds me, I need to buy another one. 

When to Use: Heavy Cover Period! slow pulls over and around pads.

SPRO - Bronzeye Shad

You can't call it a Frog Box if it doesn't have at least one SPRO frog inside (google it if your dont believe me)... or in this case a SPRO Shad? The Bronzeye Shad offers a great profile, with even better dance moves. Its horse like tails give some sway to the back end and helps this frog/shad walk in and out of tight situations. For a longer bait it really does have some great moves and I often tie one on when fishing sparser cover or even open water (though I tend to throw a popping frog in open water situations)

When the pads start to choke out the water I usually put this guy away. It does not sit well on pads and kinda flops from side to side. 

When to Use: Sparse cover to Open Water, when a stealth presentation is called for. Can be used to cover water quickly or times when cover is spread out and your working long distances between. 

SnagProof - Popping Phattie

I've fished this frog so long it use to have another name! Remember when these were the Ish Poppin Phatties? well sometimes sponsorships change but one thing is for certain, if Ish still isn't fishing this frog he is seriously missing out! 

I actually carry the classic Phat Frog (see below) as well as the Popping Phattie in the #1 Frog box, but of the two the popping phattie sees way more time on the water. It is a great all around frog that fishes best in open water to sparse cover conditions where I can fully take advantage of its popping ability. Not a proper fan? thats ok, slow down and the popping Phattie can also be walked, which is a big plus as it avoids switching back and forth as the conditions and structure changes. 

I don't throw a lot of popping frogs, but its important to carry at least one in your box for the times when you really need to let the fish know your there... ring that dinner bell.

When to Use: Sparse cover to Open Water, when a louder presentation is called for. This could also be considered a crossover frog, ease up on the retrieve to walk and no pop this popping frog. Saves your time and line when not having to retie. 

SnagProof - Phat Frog

The Phat Frog is definitely a special teams player, and usually only gets the nod to play when the area I'm fishing is loaded with slop!. Its unique body design moves well over the nastiest of slop and rarely if ever comes back with salad. Unlike some of the other "all around" frogs in my box, this one was really designed to fish any situation. It just so happens that it ain't pretty, so it often get the dirty jobs, but hey someone has to do it! This frog has all the same perks as the above Popping Phattie so i won't go into great detail here, just use it!

Slop calls for a nice flat bottomed bait that won't catch or roll as it moves, this is that frog!

When to Use: Heavy to Medium cover and slop! 

Deps - Slither K

Although some situations call for noise, other call for stealth, that's where the Deps Slither K comes into the mix. This frog is a high end low profile version of a scum frog, it can be cast (quietly) into any hole or target, and its fur tail will drive the fish crazy even on a prolonged pause. 

Don't get me wrong, this bait looks sexy when killed, but moves even better when twitched. I work the Slither K one of two ways depending on the bite. First is a fast erratic walk, with the bait coming slowly to the boat but moving rapidly back and forth. The second is slow twitches, walking the frog home an inch at a time. The fur tail does a lot of the work for you here, so let it!

The Slither K is one of two bite size frogs I carry at all times. I find them best utilized in medium sparse cover or when working the edges. Cast them 1-2 feet in and work it along the edge, I guarantee there will be a bass following. 

When to Use: Medium to Sparse Cover and Edges, slower presentation. The ultimate pocket jumper, be sure to let this frog sit in every pocket and let the fish get a look at it.

EverGreen - Kicker Frog

This little guy often finds himself playing second fiddle to the Deps Slither K, they both get used in similar situations but the Slither K takes more patience then I have on some days, so enter the Kicker frog. 

EverGreen makes a nice bite sized frog with a seriously sharp single hook. This frog is always swallowed whole and that hook never seems to miss on the hookset. You don't need to work the Kicker frog as much or as slowly,as the Slither K but I often use it to fish the edges of the pads or sparser pockets. This frog is well built and has a very soft flexible body and has held up season after season and fish after fish. 

I have a feeling this frog may get bumped from the front lines in the coming seasons, but for now I like to have a variety of sizes available and the Kicker frog suits me just fine. Also being that its an import and $$$$ I like to get my moneys worth. 

When to Use: Medium to Sparse Cover and Edges, faster presentation. I use this frog when smaller profiles are needed but also when speed is my friend.

Tru Tungsten - Mad Maxx

Some will consider this a cheat, as the True Tungsten Mad Maxx frog has been discontinued for years . But I loaded up on them prior to TT going under and I'm glad I did. The Mad Maxx frog takes what SPRO started and ups the game, if has a similar body profile and angry look, but the body material is lighter and collapses as quickly and easily as a scum frog.

I call this my "confidence frog" if I'm going through a stretch with limited to no blow-ups or worse if Ive missed repeated fish I will often tie the Mad Maxx on to boost my confidence. 

I don't often push replicas but since TruTungsten is no more, I don't feel as bad sending you to the Castaic Boyd Bucket frog or the Blitz Frog both of these frogs use the same mold and if not the same, a nearly identical body material. I own one of each and I just close my eyes and pretend they are Mad Maxx's.

When to Use: This is an All Situations frog that can be used in medium/heavy to sparse cover. It will not see much time in heavy cover or open water due to is light weight frame. These frogs work well when walked and paused in a more continuous retrieve. 

Frog Pond Review: 7.4

Terminator - Walking Frog 

With one season under its belt the Terminator Walking frog will start 2017 in the main frog box, but it may see some time in triple-A as some of the newer frogs start to make an appearance. The Terminator Walking frog has a unique body that is built to fish and be seen in any type of situation. It's larger bulkier frame makes it sit well on pads, while its narrower ass-end gives it a nice look when paused over pockets. It also lives up to its name, and walks like a champ over and around cover and even in open water.

I wish I was able to give the Walking frog more time on the water, its nothing personal against the frog as it has been one of my favourite newcomers these past few years, it all comes down to  preference and for me the bulkier body and size are not what I'm normally looking for in a frog and I often reach for less hearty frogs.

When to Use: This is an all situations frog that does its best work in heavy to sparse cover. Like the Slither K this is a "pocket-jumper" a frog that I try to place and pause in each and every pocket in a given pad section.

Frog Pond Review: 9.2

There you have it, the secret is out, as an angler that has tried and tested nearly 130 frogs over the past 5 seasons, these 10 are the ones I trust day in and day out when I'm on the water. So, whats in your box!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dobyns Rods - Get Furious with 6 new Fury Rod Models

You don't have wait for the Classic to see whats new for 2017! Dobyns rods decided to get a head start with the release of 6 new Fury models offering anglers even more choice when it comes to the perfect rod for each and every technique in your arsenal

Included in the mix are a pair of heavy hitters to help bulk up your flipping and swim bait game. Along with a literal 1,2,3 punch of spinning rods rated at... wait for it... 1, 2 and 3

Here's the full 6 rod collection:
R 805FLIP/PUNCH - 8'0" 1pc. 15-30lb, 3/8-2 1/2oz, Heavy Flip Power Fast Action

FR 806HSB - 8'0" 1pc 20-40lb 2-8oz. Heavy Swimbait Power Fast Action

FR 664C - 6'6" 1pc. 10-20lb, 1/-1oz, Heavy Power Fast Action

FR 661SF - 6'6" 1pc. 4-10lb, 1/8-3/8oz, Light Power Fast Action

FR 662SF - 6'6" 1pc. 6-12lb, 1/8-1/2oz, Med/Light Power Fast Action

FR 663SF - 6'6" 1pc. 8-17lb, 3/16-5/8oz, Med Power Fast Action

Keep an eye on your favourite Dobyns dealer as these babies will be hitting the shelves any day now!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

45 minutes to fish - the Art of Lunch break fishing 2016

I didn't get to spend as much time on the water as I would like this season.. even more so when it came to lunch breaks. But I made the most of each and every 45 minutes i did get... Here is a photo journal recap from this seasons "Lunch Break Fishing"

to see more check out my Instagram page: @Bass_Junky